30 Romantic Spanish lines to impress

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Learning Spanish Language - Romantic Spanish Phrases

Learning the spanish language can be fun. Below are a couple of romantic phrases in Spanish. Enjoy

{column1} Mi tesoro {/column1} {column2} My treasure{/column2}
{column1} Mi cielo{/column1} {column2} My heaven{/column2}
{column1} Corazón {/column1} {column2} Sweetheart {/column2}
{column1} Cariño {/column1} {column2} Honey{/column2}
{column1} Te adoro{/column1} {column2} I adore you {/column2}
{column1} Te deseo {/column1} {column2} I want / desire you {/column2}
{column1} Te extraño (mucho) {/column1} {column2} I miss you (a lot) {/column2}
{column1} Me vuelves loco(a) {/column1} {column2} You drive me crazy{/column2}
{column1} Me gustas (mucho){/column1} {column2} I like you (a lot){/column2}
{column1} Estoy loco(a) por ti {/column1} {column2} I’m crazy for you {/column2}
{column1} Tienes los ojos más bonitos del mundo {/column1} {column2} You have the prettiest eyes in the world {/column2}
{column1} Tienes una sonrisa muy hermosa {/column1} {column2} You have a very beautiful / lovely smile {/column2}
{column1} Eres divina(o) {/column1} {column2} You are divine {/column2}
{column1} Eres espectacular{/column1} {column2} You are spectacular{/column2}
{column1} Tu ternura me encanta{/column1} {column2} I love your tenderness{/column2}
{column1} No puedo esperar a verte{/column1} {column2} I can’t wait to see you{/column2}
{column1} Mamacita rica {/column1} {column2} A very pretty woman{/column2}
{column1} Papacito rico {/column1} {column2} A very handsome guy{/column2}
{column1} Mi princesa{/column1} {column2} My princess{/column2}
{column1} Mi príncipe {/column1} {column2} My prince{/column2}

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