How many weeks of Spanish course shall I take in order to enter Spain university?

November 7, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

I intend to study abroad in Spain. I would like to go Salamanca University to have my intensive Spanish course(25 hr per week) for about 2 semester(approximately five and a half months), and i will stay with Spanish speaking family for around 3 months. Is this duration of course reach the standard of entering Spain university? [I will be quite hardworking, i guess ;)

Any other advices or recommendations of living and studying in Spain are very much appreciated, thanks.

It always depends on you and your ability to pick up a language. Typically full immersion together with classes will give the fastest results compared to other methods of learning a language.
If your native language developed from Latin, this time will definitely be enough. You will find that there are many similarities with your native tongue and some stunning differences. If your native language is part of the Indo-European, the Slavic, or the Finno-Uguric familiy I would still expect you to reach sufficient fluency in approx. 6 month immersion with classes. If you native language is not part of any of the above mentioned groups you might need longer. But since you already write English you should be fine with 2 semesters.

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