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The don Quijote Spanish School in Playa del Carmen is located just 6 blocks from the white sand beaches.


Name: C.B
Age: 25 years
Studied Spanish in Guanajuato for: 12 weeks
I have had a great time at the don Quijote school in Mexico. The classes are fun! I have learnt more than I could have imagined in such a short time. My host family have been great. The food was fabulous and they supported me every step of the way in trying to learn Spanish. A wonderful experience, which I would highly recommend.

Age: 31
Studied Spanish in Guanajuato for: 8 weeks
My experience with don Quijote has been nothing but positive. The teachers are very patience and knowledgeable in teaching the Spanish language. I liked it so much I wanted to add more time so I could continue to learn. I feel I really know a lot and am able to apply my knowledge of the language into a conversation.

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The School

The school has a library, open air (Whats nice to add is that the schools setting is beautiful within their own tropical garden) and air conditioned class rooms and a cafeteria.

Class Size & Time

The classes have a maximum of 5 students and classes run either in the mornings or afternoons.

Spanish Courses Offered

The advantage of studying at Don Quijote Guanahuato is the wide array of courses they offer:

  • Intensive group course: 15 group classes/week
  • Super-intensive group course: 25 group classes/week
  • One to One private course: 15 One to One classes + 10 group classes/week
  • Executive program: 25 group classes/week + 15 One to One classes

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