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The don Quijote Spanish School in Guanajuato is located in the center of the city, meaning its nearby to the main sightings and attractions that is has to offer.


Name: C.B
Age: 25 years
Studied Spanish in Guanajuato for: 12 weeks
I have had a great time at the don Quijote school in Mexico. The classes are fun! I have learnt more than I could have imagined in such a short time. My host family have been great. The food was fabulous and they supported me every step of the way in trying to learn Spanish. A wonderful experience, which I would highly recommend.

Age: 31
Studied Spanish in Guanajuato for: 8 weeks
My experience with don Quijote has been nothing but positive. The teachers are very patience and knowledgeable in teaching the Spanish language. I liked it so much I wanted to add more time so I could continue to learn. I feel I really know a lot and am able to apply my knowledge of the language into a conversation.

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The School

The Don Quijote Spanish school has 15 classrooms at this moment with a maximum room for around 110 Spanish learners. Aside from that the school has a nice meeting place (patio) which is great to meet other students during your stay. If you are in need of checking your email or whatever during your stay the school also provides free internet access for the students

Class Size & Time

The classes have a maximum of 8 students and classes run either in the mornings or afternoons.

Spanish Courses Offered

The advantage of studying at Don Quijote Guanahuato is the wide array of courses they offer:

  • Intensive and Super intensive Spanish
  • One to One
  • Spanish for life
  • Premium Spanish classes
  • Spanish talk
  • DELE preparation course
  • Volunteer programs
  • Course for teachers of Spanish
  • Medical Spanish
  • Christmas course
  • Study groups

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