How to learn to speak Spanish for free – 6 Top Free courses

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There are loads of Spanish Courses and Schools I have covered yet a lot do not have the budget for it. Today I will cover how to learn to speak Spanish for free. I have added 6 top sites that have a focus on learning Spanish language for free.

1) BBC – Learn Spanish for Free Course
BBC Learn Spanish Course offers a wide range video and audio courses of over 30 different languages. It has a variety of course options. Its very basic, but a nice way to learn to speak basic Spanish for free. Aside from that I really recommend reading the news in Spanish from there, or watching Spanish broadcasts.

2) Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Learning Spanish Language Open Course
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a wide range of its courses online, including its language courses! I can recommend the literature material to supplement your studying. MIT is a front runner on opening up its courses to the main public and I hope this trend will be followed by other leading universities.

3) My Happy Planet – Learning Spanish Through Exchange
My Happy Planet is mainly a language exchange site, but site users have uploaded a bunch of Spanish Lessons you can use. It is fairly active. After signing up it was very easy to find language exchange partners, it has quite a large database.

4) The Open University – Learn Spanish Free Course
Great Spanish course content can be found there.

5) Livemocha – Free Spanish Language Learning Through Exchange
Again a great Free Site that has loads of free Spanish material. Beware though they are commercial and will give a lot of buying options.

6) Learning Spanish Language – learn to speak Spanish for free Course

I hope these 6 sites will get you started and give you the option of learning the Spanish language for free. Don’t just sit there, and start learning Spanish right now!

Additionally here is some further recommended reading:

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  • Want to Communicate Online Free with Someone Who Speaks Spanish? – … David Baer on The Free Foreign Service Institute – FSI — Spanish Course; Rosana on Destinos: A Free Online Spanish Course; kathy on Destinos: A Free Online Spanish Course; Rosana on Learn Spanish for Free – with RSS …

  • Where can I learn spanish for free online? – In a month from now i will spend a few days in spain. Just for fun i would like to learn some spanish at beginnerslevel.

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2 Responses to “How to learn to speak Spanish for free – 6 Top Free courses”

  1. Learning Spanish Quickly on November 24th, 2010 8:12 am

    Great article. Spanish is a truly beautiful language. Many people love the sound of it alone. When people hear it spoken they often yearn to want to be able to speak it themselves. But many people think that learning Spanish is beyond them. They write it off as being too difficult to master or just a fleeting fancy that they’ll never have time to conquer. But, neither is true. You can easily become completely fluent in Spanish by participating in online courses.

    The instruction online will teach you basic and advanced vocabulary. You will learn just how to properly pronounce every word in an authentic fashion. Grammar will be taught so that you sound as if you were born speaking Spanish. You will be able to read, write and speak Spanish beautifully. The courses are available around the clock so that you can study and learn anytime you find the time. Before you know it, you will know how to speak Spanish fluently and quite impressively.

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  2. Phil Cartan on December 6th, 2010 1:27 pm

    Another site I found was this one.
    I thought it was all smoke and mirrors, but I have had 3 free Spanish classes now without paying a dime. Nothing better than having your own tutor for free!

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  3. Susan Smith on September 5th, 2011 9:16 pm

    your blog contain several useful Tips it’s really useful for . thanks sharing useful information with us . but if any one start learn Spanish Language form being you can also check this url : . this url contains lot of activities , and use useful technique to start speak Spanish Language .

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