How to learn to speak Spanish for free – 6 Top Free courses

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There are loads of Spanish Courses and Schools I have covered yet a lot do not have the budget for it. Today I will cover how to learn to speak Spanish for free. I have added 6 top sites that have a focus on learning Spanish language for free.

1) BBC – Learn Spanish for Free Course
BBC Learn Spanish Course offers a wide range video and audio courses of over 30 different languages. It has a variety of course options. Its very basic, but a nice way to learn to speak basic Spanish for free. Aside from that I really recommend reading the news in Spanish from there, or watching Spanish broadcasts.

2) Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Learning Spanish Language Open Course
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a wide range of its courses online, including its language courses! I can recommend the literature material to supplement your studying. MIT is a front runner on opening up its courses to the main public and I hope this trend will be followed by other leading universities.

3) My Happy Planet – Learning Spanish Through Exchange
My Happy Planet is mainly a language exchange site, but site users have uploaded a bunch of Spanish Lessons you can use. It is fairly active. After signing up it was very easy to find language exchange partners, it has quite a large database.

4) The Open University – Learn Spanish Free Course
Great Spanish course content can be found there.

5) Livemocha – Free Spanish Language Learning Through Exchange
Again a great Free Site that has loads of free Spanish material. Beware though they are commercial and will give a lot of buying options.

6) Learning Spanish Language – learn to speak Spanish for free Course

I hope these 6 sites will get you started and give you the option of learning the Spanish language for free. Don’t just sit there, and start learning Spanish right now!

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Rocket Spanish Software

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Rocket Spanish Review

Rocket Spanish Review

A big question is for any Spanish learning student Why do YOU want to learn to speak Spanish? Below a list of one of the most common reasons.

  • Are you about to travel to a Spanish speaking country
  • Do you have a Spanish speaking partner? Are you studying Spanish and need better resources to make your learning task easier?
  • Do you want to earn more money at your job by being bilingual?
  • Perhaps you simply want to learn for personal pleasure.

Whatever your reasons are,Rocket Spanish claims that they can give you immensely satisfying results FAST…

The Rocket Spanish Software believes to be  the easiest to follow system for learning how to speak Spanish available. It is an interactive course that makes you want to study. Also, it’s practical. You’ll discover exactly what to say in virtually any situation.

Rocket Spanish software  could make you  learn Spanish rapidly, effectively, and easily. You could  be able to speak at a restaurant, at an airport, with new friends… in basically every situation you can think of!

Now i would like to share a critical review of rocket spanish to further evaluate if the course really suits you.

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Learning Spanish Language – 7 Crucial Tips

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There are some crucial tips to Learning Spanish Language Fast. I will cover the 7 most useful ones. The Spanish Language is popular as a second or third language for many because of its global presence in the world. That all aside we would all like to learn the Spanish language as fast as possible.There are 7 great tips that i can give that will help you to learn the Spanish language.

Tip 1) What kind of learner are you? What kind of learning methods suit you best. Some manage to learn a great deal through reading, others might need more visual aid and then again others learn great through audio. By figuring this out you can determine whether you need a higher emphasis on books, software or mp3′s for example.

Tip 2) Plan time for it well ahead if you have a busy schedule due to work, studies etc. Plan in any free time after working/college or in the weekends. Aside from that make a quick balance how much you spend on other activities currently (socializing etc.)

Tip 3) Estimate what your maximum budget is over a certain time frame. After you set this make sure to follow your budget. Can you afford to have 1 on 1 private classes? Can you afford a full course at a Spanish Language Immersion school? Some rather are not willing to spend a lot and would prefer to use free materials and Learn Spanish at Home courses. Research and find out what the costs are and try to make a suitable arrangement.

Tip 4) Do not procrastinate. Once you set a time-plan and resources, stick to it for at least a couple of weeks. Then evaluate your progress and make modifications on your following month if needed. maybe within that month you have learned what you intended to.

Tip 5) What are your main Goals regarding Spanish fluency? Do you want to learn Conversational Spanish that will help you through your travels and basic talks. Is your wish to become fluent being able to converse on deeper subjects and topics (e.g. business Spanish) ?

Tip 6) Start by finding some Spanish movies with English subtitles and the other way around. Watch some of your fav6orite movies in Spanish. This to start getting the feel of the Spanish Language and accent. Really start living in a Spanish environment.

Tip 7)Try to find a language partner online or offline with whom you can correspond over email or chat.

The above 7 crucial tips should help a great deal to learn the Spanish language. I am passionate about my native language. It’s a great feeling to speak with others in a different language. Most importantly language learning is really fun!

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